299chf for Voucher 


👉90 minutes of photo session with decorations and 30 pictures ONLY 299CHF 👈


OPTIONS in the studio:
STUDIO PHOTO SESSION up to 5 people.

duration - 90 mins

total cost - 299chf

30 pictures edited 

and 50 not edited FREE!!!!!!!!



Send us an email with the details so we can personalise your voucher.

It will be sent to your personal email in JPG ready o pripnt.

Voucher can be used any day of the week and can upgreated.

All the decorations and children clothes for your session are included in the price. 

Vouchers can be cumulated. 

Valid 6 monts. 


BOOK NOW and make your friends HAPPY !


Voucher for MAXI photo session - 90 minutes

299,00 CHFPrix